Sunday, October 31, 2010

Just Ducky!

Last week, the parents-to-be in my family had another ultrasound. The doctor wanted to check something. Their concerns turned out to be nothing.

But at the end of the ultrasound the doctor said "Nothing to worry about your DAUGHTER looks great!". It A Girl!

So since they knew, they decided to let everyone else know. I am doing backflips I am so excited! I would have loved a grandson also but a granddaughter is beyond words. :-)

Well, this is what I was working on the day I got the news. It started out as a Michaela bubble by PrimRose Lane. I had the boy sleeves cut out but I hadn't gotten that far yet.

The Boy's sleeves got filed away and I cut out puffed sleeves instead. Since I know that this baby has a good possibility of being tall, I decided to go with a dress instead of a bubble. I need to finish up the white pique bloomers to finish the outfit.

The Smocking Plate is Ellen McCarn's "Duckin' Duckies". The fabric is white pique and yellow pique ducks from my stash.

Also with this photo I wanted to show you a pattern change I always make on this pattern. I hate to have to fold over pleated fabric. I especially do not like to fold over pleated fabric at a neck line. The neckline never looks perfect and it is just too thick (IMHO)

So instead, I add a small 1" yoke (+ seam allowances) at the top of the smocked panel. I used the lining pattern piece as my template for the yoke and add piping along my holding row.
PS- When I let my family know it was a girl, my SIL texted "Doomed to a life of beautiful Handmade dresses by her Grandmother!!!!!!". Her two nieces were my first models when I was learning to smock.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  • My niece Angie had more surgery yesterday to repair her shoulder that was shattered in a car accident on Father's day. She is doing better but still has a long road ahead.

  • Here is the link to the previous post.

  • The man that hit them was deported.

  • Our area Girl Scouts are having a Mother /Daughter Mad Hatter Tea Party in March. I am trying to convince my daughter to let me make something for her to wear.

  • I feel my inner Red Queen coming out! :-)

  • My cell phone contract is up next week and right on schedule my phone is going toes up.

  • I like my phone. I don't want to have to learn how to use a new phone.

  • Is there such a thing as a technology saturation point?

  • The UPS man delivered a package today. The weird thing was I was not at my house. I was waiting at the end of a country road for the school bus when he stopped and gave me the package.

  • Speaking of UPS....I saw the UPS truck making a delivery at the local Post Office. It was backed up to the loading dock. I wish I had taken a picture!

  • Since my family is made up of a lot of ministers, military and lawyers (with a few artist and engineers thrown in) The Supreme Court hearing today of Snyder verse Phelps made some interesting discussions tonight.

  • I saw first hand the pain that the Westboro Church causes at a local funeral a few years back.

  • Here is a link to the transcript of the Supreme Court hearing today.

  • I am shipping two dresses to SB in the morning then I need to clean my sewing room before I get nominated for an episode of "Hoarding -Buried alive". My next project was in the package that UPS delivered. I am excited!