Monday, September 23, 2013

Samples of This and That-Part 2

This and That- Part -2

Here is the second set of my sample dresses using my downloadable smocking plates.  Smocking plates can be found at

The first sample dress is from one of my favorite patterns, Children's Corner "Amy".  The smocking plate is my "To The Point" smocking design. The fabric is rose colored pinwale  corduroy.     

Now for something different........I added a Bow Tie sash to the back of the dress.

I love funky tights and legging.   These are the tights I found to go with the dress. I bought them last year from The Children's place.

The second sample is from another favorite pattern Children's Corner "Mary De".  The smocking plate is my "To Grandmother's House" smocking design. The fabric is navy blue brushed twill.

I loved the Bow Tie Sash look on the first sample, so I decided to create Bow Tie Pockets.

 To Make the Bow Tie Sash or Pocket

 Click here for the free patterns and illustrations.

  • Trace the patterns onto pattern tracing material. I like freezer paper or Pattern Ease from JoAnn's fabric.
  • For the Bow Tie Pattern you will need to lengthen the pattern 6" for the pockets. For the sash you will need to lengthen the pattern 12 inches. If you are making a larger size, you may want to add a few more inches to the length.
  • You will need to cut out 4 pieces for each bow tie.  
  • Note: If using fabric with a nap like the corduroy, make sure the nap is running the same way.
  • Stitch bow ties (right sides together) with a 1/4" seam allowance. When you get to the corners shorten your stitch length.
  • Trim your seam allowance to 1/8". Clip corners and notch inside curves.
  • Turn right side out and  press.

I tied each bow tie first then stitched them to the dresses.  I will confess, I retied the bow ties on the pockets a couple of times to make sure that they looked identical. I know you could not see them on a moving child but I knew it would bug me.

Don't know how to tie a bow tie?   Here is the best video I have found  for tying a bow tie.

Pocket instructions:

  • Cut 2 pockets from fabric and 2 pockets from contrasting lining.
  • To prevent the contrasting lining from peeking out on the seams, the contrasting lining is trimmed 1/16 of an inch smaller on all the sides except the top edge.
    • Pin the pockets right sides together . Do not stretch the smaller lining.
  • Clip curves and corners.  Turn right side out.
  • With matching thread, whip stitch small opening closed.
  • Press.
  • Temporarily pin the Bow Tie to the center of the pocket. Align the ties with the "Dots".
  • Turn ties to the back of the pocket. The ties should lie flat. Trim excess tie down to 1/2 inch.
  • Baste ends in place.
  • Unpin Bow Tie from center. (This is  because you need the extra room to top stitch under the under the bow tie ends.) Pin the pocket in place or use something like Wonder Tape to hold in place.
  • Following illustrations, top stitch the pocket in place.
  • Stitch the bow in place.

Bow Tie Sash instructions:
  •  I found the center back of the  finished jumper. I stitched the Bow Tie to the center back(the ends are still loose). This  prevented it from coming untied and supported the Bow tie from drooping.
  • Laying the jumper on a flat surface (back of the dress facing up), I pinned the ends of the sash at the side seams allowing 1/2 inch to be turned under.  I trimmed the excess length.
  • Sash is "stitched in the ditch" along  the side seams. See illustrations.