Monday, January 31, 2011

Another " Baby Charlotte"

Here is another bishop smocked with the Baby Charlotte smocking design. This one is for my granddaughter.

My camera and my computer monitor do not do the color of this dress justice.

The fabric is a tiny old fashion cotton print in a dusty purple color. It is smocked with DMC # 3042.

I added 3 pearl beads at the points of the smocking design.

I always love looking at a smocking design when it is blocked in a circle! The cable row just under the bias band was smocked after the bishop was completed.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby Charlotte smocking design

Let me start off with Happy New Year!

I have been busy bonding with a new computer. I came down stairs about a month ago and found out that my youngest son had replaced my old worn out PC with an imac with a 27" screen and a drawing pad. Thanks Chase!

So I have been working on learning to graph my smocking plates on Adobe Illustrator instead of Smock Soft ......I know life is tough! :-P

So here is the smocking graph for "Baby Charlotte" that I had been promising. It should be clickable.

This smocking design is for a baby bishop. If you want to use the design on a larger bishop I recommend pleating 8 rows adding a Baby Wave (1 step trellis ) or a cable row above the design.