Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Samples of This and That-part 1

Finally got my samples back from the land of confusion and misinformation. (long story that can only be told with a margarita in your hand.)

Let me share with you some of my samples that have been made with my smocking designs that can be downloaded at  janet-gilbert.com

This is my "Which Witch" smocking design. I love all the purple prints. Its perfect for Halloween or to go see the Broadway play Wicked.  The dress is a size 4.

I made a floating hem on the bottom. This is a great way to add a contrasting/coordinating print or even lengthen a skirt

A peek underneath.

I made the back into a "Reverse Knot" sash by lengthening the shoulder straps and threading them through button holes in the back.

I love funky tights and leggings on children. These were purchased for this dress about 18 months ago from Children's Place. They are black with silver sparkles.

This dress is made with my "Rainy Days" smocking design. The dress is a simple A-Line made from  red pinwale corduroy. The dress is a size 3.

I added a small ruffle to the hem line.

Another peek underneath.

Both these smocking designs and others are available on my web site janet-gilbert.com