Sunday, May 31, 2009

How to add the bias trim

Okay, I have made my yards and yard of bias trim. Now is the fun part adding the bias trim to my projects.

I am making 3 circle skirts with bias trim about 2 inches from the bottom and 3 pairs of pants with bias trim down the side seams.

Years ago I would have used a lot of pins to get the bias trim in the right place. Straight Pins will work but not as easy.

Today I use water soluble glue to tack it into place. You could also use a water soluble glue stick that your kids use(not the purple type).

This is what I love to use mainly because of the applicator top(NAYY).

This applicator top is also perfect for applying just a drop of glue in tiny places. For example turning the ends under on a bias neck binding on a bishop dress. Here's how I use it......

  • Mark the bottom of the skirt with a wash a way marker. I am drawing the center line of where I want to place my bias strip. On the pants I just followed the side seam line.

  • Add Basting glue in small segments to the line I marked. Then carefully lay the bias strip down the middle of the glue line. After I have it exacly where I want it, I press the section of bias strip to dry the glue.

I left a 3 inch section at the start and stop of the bias trim unglued so I could join the two pieces with a mitered seam.

Then I top stitched along both edges with an edge foot.

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