Thursday, November 5, 2009

Outstanding In My Field

Let me rephrase that..........I am out, standing in my field! :-)

This little guy has been interrupting my smocking and sewing time. But he is cute and the weather has been great so I do not mind.

I have a lawn chair under one of the trees. It is cool enough I need a sweatshirt but sunny enough I need a hat and sun glasses. So while he is grazing I am sketching out new smocking designs and pattern ideas.

Life is good! :-)


  1. I love your play on words! Very clever! Actually, you are OUTSTANDING in your field!!

  2. Yes! You ARE outsanding in your field. And your new little horse is just wonderful. Ahnalin would be over the moon! I can't wait to see mini horse inspired smock plates!!

  3. Janet, I envy you those wide open spaces!
    Your little pony is adorable!

    I sure wish I was better at picture smocking. *sigh*

  4. Janet,

    Your little horse is providing sew-much inspiration; I agree, he is cute and the photos look like they could be in Scotland! What a gorgeous place you have to reflect and create. Thanks again for all your support; clearly you have much to fill your time and yet you've been sharing some of it with me.