Monday, April 11, 2011

Cutie Pie!

Hope you will indulge this new grandmother by allowing me to show off some baby pictures. :-)

We just spend a week with our new granddaughter (and her parents) and I am going through baby withdraw symptoms. This is the outfit she was wearing when we arrived. :-)

I sat down with her and told her I was her Fairy Godmother and anytime she needs a fancy dress for the ball she just needs to give me a call!....... Okay, she was asleep when I told her this but her mother heard me. "Have needle and thread, Will travel".

Here are some pictures of her modeling outfits. She is about 9 pounds so you can get an idea on the fit. The size 0-3month onsies were perfect.

I love the "mend" feature on my Adobe Elements software. Every outfit is magically clean.... at least they are in the photos. We all did a lot of laundry but it gave me an excuse to put her in another outfit. :-)

Here is the Cup Cake onsie with the diaper cover from MP Round Yoke Baby book. Diaper cover was a little big but all I needed to do was tighten the elastic.

This is a smocked version of the MP square yoke Baby daygown.

And last but not least a size 3 month Cherry Williams Baby bishop.

On the way home I got to stop at "The Stitching Post" in Little Rock, Arkansas. I had a great time buying fabric for my new muse. Okay, I always have a great time buying fabric but the combination of a great store and a new granddaughter made it extra special. :-)


  1. What a little cupcake she is herself!!!! I loved your Sew Beautiful dresses in this issue. That blue silk was gorgeous.

  2. She is just precious and even more so in her Grandma-mades. Enjoy every minute. They fly by. Congrats again

  3. She's so cute!!! I know how it feels to be on grandchild withdrawl. I feel sad the moment I leave my three grands. The outfits are adorable too.

  4. We will NEVER get tired of you grand baby photos! :)

  5. Amelia Grace is precious! Not sure how you were able to leave her at all. Have fun stitching sweet little girl things with your new goodies!

  6. What a beauty! I know all about those baby withdrawal symptoms as my granddaughter lives way up in Colorado. Keep smocking, the dresses and onesies are darling.

  7. Awe!!! Sooooooo precious!!! You are soooooo lucky to have a grand-daughter to sew and smock for!

  8. Gorgeous baby, beautiful baby wardrobe! Well done!!