Thursday, May 10, 2012


I want to show you something that made me laugh today.

Most of you know I do some work for Sew Beautiful Magazine.  I am usually working from first draft patterns. This patterns do not come with any directions.  I am the tester, the creator, the guinea pig.  So while I am constructing future masterpieces (I hope) I am making notes, in my note book and on the patterns.

I am working on several articles for future issues of Sew Beautiful and I needed to dig out the "Natalie"  sleeve pattern.

On the pattern I wrote to myself..... This is a flat cap sleeve. Do not join ends together. "BTDTDDA".

Can you guess what that stands for?

Been There, Done That, Don't Do Again. (dummy) :-)

 It is alway good when a past mistake or frustration can bring a smile. I pray that you can look back and laughs at something today~ Janet


  1. Not 10 minutes ago I ordered that pattern! So when it arrives and I make up the dress, I'll know a 'behind the scene' story. Thanks for sharing that funny moment.

  2. I certainly appreciate your notations & that I am not the only one to do such. There were many frustrating sewing sessions with many of the Children's Corner patterns. Things that needed to be sewn in a different order or refined. I am grateful that my mother taught me "right ways" to do classic techniques. Happy Mother's Day.

  3. How funny! maybe I need to start doing that to remind myself not to revisit old mistakes!LOL!!

  4. Brilliant point made! I will be using this on my patterns too. Thanks, Janet.

  5. That is so funny. I have designed for Australian Smocking &Embroidery so I know that feeling of wanting it to be perfect!