Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sew Beautiful #129

Sew Beautiful #129 has arrived. Here is the sneak peek.....

This issue is a fabulous issue packed full of eye candy!

I know I say that every issue but this issue has Wendy Schoen, Kari Mecca, Maja Clatton, Debbie Glenn , Vaune Pierce and Lezette Tompson along with several other fabulous designers.

There are so many ideas in this issue I am sure it will be a sell out.

It is like trying to choose a favorite child but I think my favorite article is the spring coat by Debbie Glenn. But I also love the article by Khristal Jouette "Panel Discussion".

This is a must have issue.


  1. I love that coat too. I wish I had time to make it for my grands along with their dresses, but there's no way. I do love this issue. It is packed full of beautiful things. I like the older girl's top.

  2. thanks Janet!!! it looks delicious!!! I've missed you lately!!!

  3. Janet, I agree!! Can't wait to get mine!!

  4. I am anxiously awaiting! It does look like a good issue.

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  6. looking for bishop dresses to smock. do you offer any? can't seem to find any in austin, tx. if not, do you know where i can look? blessings!!

  7. Jill, Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. There are several places that sell "Smockables". Martha Pullen is one of these places.

    If you get her catalog there are coupons in it that you can use. Hope this helps. ~janet g