Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ft Worth Wedding

Sorry for the long absence here. I've had a lot of stuff going on since Christmas but not much sewing.

We just got back from a wedding in Ft Worth. The father of the bride is a friend of my husband from pilot training.

The wedding was at the Marty Leonard Chapel. The inside of the church reminded me of the Wizard Of Oz.

The reception was at the City Club in downtown Ft Worth.

This picture of the wedding cake does not do it justice.

We sat at the "Pilot Table". Almost everyone at the table was a pilot for American Airlines, the Air Force or the Navy.

I had to take a picture of the flower arrangement at our table. I counted two dozen roses in several shades of pinks. Also if you look in the window to the left you can see the candles that they had in all the windows. Everything was pink at the wedding ( Name that movie?) even the chandelier had a pink ruching.

Also at the wedding was a photo booth. A copy of the photos went into a scrapbook for the wedding couple. We were prompted to take silly photos. I was just laughing too hard to think of anything.


  1. that looks like one fabulous wedding!!! Just love the photo booth pics!! too cute!!

  2. Everything was beautiful. There's a chapel similar to that one in Bella Vista Arkansas that is used for weddings. It does remind you of the Wizard, and the movie you refer to has to be Steel Magnolias.