Monday, June 28, 2010


Angie and her son are finally home from their separate hospital stays.

Alex's main complaint about being in the children's hospital in St Louis............Too many Cardinal baseball fans! :-) Alex and his family are die hard Cubs fans but we still love them. Go Cards!

Alex has a short cast on his left arm and a high cast (up to his shoulder) on his right arm. The right arm is also braced with a sling and a Velcro band that secures his upper arm to his body.

So needless to say getting a shirt on him is impossible right now. After visiting with them yesterday I did some alterations to a couple of shirts for him. I pray that these directions and ideas never are needed for your family.

I picked up some shirts from his closet and I went out and bought some too. The first shirt I altered was this Star Wars sleeveless shirt. I went up a size in the shirts to help deal with the bulk of the cast.

I took out the right side seam and sewed a 12 inch zipper in the seam. I also added side zippers to two other sleeveless shirts. I did not bother with adding a hook and eye at the top of the zipper like I would have done if this was an evening dress.

This shirt is a cotton button down from his closet. Again I took out the right side under arm and side seam. But this time I added 10 inches of snap tape to the seam.

All the alterations are reversible. When Alex gets back to normal, all I have to do is remove the snap tape and zippers and sew up the side seams.

Continued prayers for this family are greatly appreciated as they heal physically and emotionally.


  1. So glad to hear they are healing and out of the hospital. You did a wonderful job altering clothes to fit him. The summer will be long for him, I'm sure.

    P.S. Alex is absolutely right...go Cubs! I'm going to a game tonight! :)

  2. Great ideas. So pleased to hear that the family is home & recuperating.

  3. Janet, these are great alterations for these shirts. And thankfully, it is the summer. When Ahnalin broke her arm the second time, thankfully, it was summer and we could do a lot of sundresses. I would have had to do alterations like these if it were cooler here.

    Oh, and Laura, can I go to the Cubs game with you????

  4. You are so creative to come up with these ideas. I am so happy they are home and recovering.

  5. so glad to hear that they are doing ok..
    and ditto to what julia said!

  6. Janet,
    So happy to hear everyone is on the mend. Your alterations are really wonderful and I know will be much appreciated. I've thought and prayed for them often over the last week. It's unexpected events like this accident that are so senseless that makes me want to just punch someone.....and I don't punch!