Monday, June 21, 2010

Prayers needed

I was going to post a sweet old photo of my father and myself yesterday for Father's Day but we had an emergency in my family.

My niece Angie and her family were in a head on collision yesterday after church. They were in their brand new van heading for Springfield IL. A man with a revoked driver's licence crossed the yellow line and hit them head on.

Here is the article

Their 6 year old son was air lifted to St Louis. He has been operated on for a broken arm and a broken wrist and separated shoulder. His head injury was not as bad as they first thought.

Their 6 month old son was in an infant car seat and was not harmed.

Angie's husband , Matt had moved to the back seat to give the baby a bottle. He just has cuts and bruises.

Angie (who was driving) is in surgery as I write this for a broken shoulder and a broken arm and a fractured knee.

The miracles in this accident was someone had already called the police about the other driver because he was driving erratically. So the police were on the scene of the accident almost immediately.

The other driver was treated and released pending toxicology reports.

Angie and her father are Methodist preachers.

All prayers are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Updated to add a picture. Thank you so much for your prayers and support!
The person that hit them is now in jail for driving with a revoked license. Which probably means he did not have insurance.
One of my next sewing projects will be altering clothes to accommodate casts~janet


  1. Wow Janet. I praise God that the injuries are not worse than they are. But why! The driver of the other car should have been arrested. A revoked license and driving erratically should have been enough reason to haul him in. UGH!
    I am praying for your family.

  2. Oh my, Janet! God was truly watching over them that day! I am amazed their injuries were not worse either. Prayers for your family.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this. I will be praying for you all.

  4. I'm so glad they all survived, but I know they will have a lot of healing to do, and not just physically.
    Treated and released! Pl-leease! That makes my blood boil.
    They will all be in my prayers.

  5. thank the good Lord that they will be Ok. I am so sorry that this happened. Saying a prayer for all of you!!

  6. Oh my, that is so awful. Thank God, though, that none of them have life threatening injuries. I will put them in my prayers.
    A good friend of ours was in a wreck the other morning on his way to work. A group of teens pulled out in front of him (4:30 am) Two of them were killed and the others are very serious. Our friend had injuries but none extremely serious.

  7. Oh my goodness, Janet - God had his protecting hand on that family, that is for sure! I am sending prayers that they all will heal quickly.

  8. So thankful a guardian angel was watching over this precious family. May they continue to be blessed by swift healing.

  9. Immediate knee-mails being sent, Janet! It sounds like a miracle that anyone survived such a head-on collision. I pray their injuries will heal without complication & that the driver with the suspended license will be removed from the road...PERMANENTLY!

  10. Janet....I have chills reading this! Saying prayers for Angie and her sweet boys for their recovery. This is so scary as Dave and I were almost hit the same way just a few days ago...I think that person was texting though. Hopefully some will stop this person from destroying other lives.

  11. Janet....praying for your precious family!!!

  12. So happy to read that they are home and recovering! Thank God for looking out for them!

  13. My prayers are with Angie, Matt and the boys! Prayers of thanksgiving they were spared life threatening injuries and prayers for their continued healing. May they feel all the love sent their way strengthening their bodies and family bonds.

    I lost my Papa to a drunk driver when I was 9, and last year we lost a beautiful vibrant friend of my daughters to a drunk driver, three blocks from her home. She was 2 months pregnant, everyone was so excited for the young couple. One week later, we were at her funeral. I have a hard time forgiving drunk drivers.

    On a lighter note...Thank you for your blog. I am so glad you share your sewing skills with us!