Sunday, April 8, 2012

Goody two shoes

Happy Easter!

I hope every got all their smocking and sewing finished and are having a great Easter!

LOL! I just had to show this picture of my daughter's Easter shoes. We are rushing around getting ready for church. I took her new shoes out of the shoe box and told her to hurry up.

Needless to say, she wore something else to church!


  1. Oh no! Have you been working of anything you can show us? How about her dress? or the baby's dress, grandma?

  2. I am sitting on my hands trying not to show what I have been working on! Working on something for SB. All I can say is it is cute , cute, cute for tweens.

  3. Janet, you come up with the best designs! I mean it, every last one is great. I've sewn up quite a few from you.