Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Picture Smocking Smock-Along Part 1

This tutorial is dedicated to Nonie who claims to be picture smocking challenged. I am hoping I can change that!

You have probably seen this plate before. I first shared it several years ago. Here is the original post. gingerbread cookies smocking plate

I choose this smocking plate for the tutorial because it has very limited half stitches and no color changes.

The original plate was designed on an older smocking software program. I have upgraded the smocking plate  and made it clearer to read. You can download the free smocking plate from my website.

updated smocking plate

Okay, lets get started! First, you will need something to smock on. The Gingerbread smocking plate can be smocked as an insert or as on a bishop dress.  For this tutorial I am using an insert of Kona Cotton. This is a 100% cotton broadcloth.

(Just a note…..If you click on the pictures you can see them close up.)

There are several steps here.

  • My 45" insert was  pleated 11 full row with alternating color pleating threads. 
  • The pleats were tied off so that I had about 20 pleats per inch. 
  • I also counted pleats and place a small safety pin in the center valley.
  • So that I don't back smock more then I have to, I place more safety pins to mark the area that need to be back smocked.

Next, I back smock the 5 rows needed for the design. Back smocking the holding row is optional.

Here is a link to one of my  previous back smocking tutorial. I still prefer not to tie off my black smocking threads until later.

To be continued………...


  1. I'm following, Janet! thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Janet, I used this plate the last time you offered it and made my granddaughter a green corduroy jumper. I think that she was a little over two years old then. Thank you again for sharing this plate.

  3. Gita, I want to see pictures! Please, Pretty please! :-)