Friday, September 25, 2009

The Deer Slayer

Tuesday night my Ford Explorer became the Deer slayer. I took this picture of a 10 pointer from my kitchen window.

It is not the deer I hit. I only hit a 6 pointer. I know......only a 6 pointer! I don't get much sympathy around here. People are more amazed that this was the first deer I hit.

After I hit the deer, my idiot light came on saying...."Check the Right Headlamp". DUH!

The deer laid in the ditch for a few minutes then walked away.


  1. Oh that's too bad about your car!! I'm glad the deer walked away. A deer literally jumped across the front of our car late one night. His back hoofs hit our car and left a few scratches. We were lucky.
    Did you see that I left you an award yesterday?

  2. Yes I did Julia, I really appreciate it!!!!!!~janet