Monday, September 28, 2009

Heading to the Smocking Convention

I am heading to the SAGA - Smocking convention in the morning.

But first I need to head to the doctors office this afternoon. The gray gas/smoke from the airbags is making my asthma act up all week.

I have two garments going in the Design Show. Both will be published in Sew Beautiful sometime next year.

Needless to say my plans to drive to the convention have been cancelled since I hit Bambi's Dad last week. I could take my husband red pick up truck (farm truck) but I would have to take a step stool with me to get in and out of it. :-)

I will try to keep you updated on all the happenings at the convention. ~janet


  1. Oh Janet, I wish I could go. I can't wait to see your new designs!

    I need to send you a picture of Ahnalin. She was so excited to wear the jacket from Rachel. It got cool here, and that jacket is the only one big enough to fit over her cast.
    She drew a "thank you picture" for you and Rachel too. So I will get that int he mail to you.
    Have fun at the convention and try not to have an asthma attack. Those tend to spoil the fun! ( I had one last week from smoke in the air from fires.)

  2. safe and have fun. Can't wait to hear details upon your return!!!!