Thursday, September 10, 2009

Smocked Christmas Wreath Tutorial Part 1

Well, I am a week later then what I had projected on started this smocked wreath. My apologies.

I should have anticipated my busy life getting in the way. Here is the link to my first post.

Today let me go over again with what you will need to make this smocked wreath.

These are the basic supplies. You will also need some polyester batting later on when we get to the construction.
I realized I did not add any embroidery floss into the group picture. You will need embroidery floss. :-)

The first thing you need to decide on is what fabric are you going to use. You will need a 1/2 yard of a light weight fabric that does not have a hard pattern.

The red wreath is made from red Imperial Micro Check.

Okay, what to see some of my mistakes? This was the first wreath I did.

I loved the Christmas print when I bought it but when I pleated it I had all these red blobs on it!

Did I get some different fabric and re-pleat it.........Noooooo! Of course not, I am too stubborn. So this is my Green Red Blob Wreath! :-)

I will give you the smocking design on the red wreath. But you can use any bishop smocking design. The GRB wreath is smocked with my smocking design "China Rose" which is in Sew Beautiful #109.

You will also need some sort of decorations for the wreath. But you can leave it plain and it will still be beautiful.

Now is the perfect time to look for decorations. I was at my local craft store and they had all their Christmas decorations out.

The red wreath had plastic Christmas lights. But you can also use miniature Christmas ornaments, Jingle Bells or Buttons. Use your imaginations and the sky's the limit.

These directions are not limited to just Christmas. You can use sports buttons or ceramic buttons and make your wreath something you can use year round.

I think the next one I make will be a Texas wreath. I saw some miniature Texas themed ornaments yesterday. I wonder if I can attach miniature Tabasco bottles? Hmmm.... I will have to think about that.

These are plastic ring that you will use for the back of the wreath. You will need 5 of them.

You will need one 10" metal craft ring. This is also know as a Macrame ring.

If you have children or grandchildren around I highly recommend you get more then one. This way you will not be hunting all over the house for your craft ring when you need it.

In my house these rings have been used for several Circus acts and races down the hall. :-)

Come back tomorrow (God willing and the creek don't rise) and we will start.

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