Thursday, December 3, 2009

Can You Picture It? Part 3

So far we have gone over Fabric, Pleats, Needles, Threads, and the Perfect Cable Stitch. Now, lets put it all together start stacking.

I left off after I had completed the first cable row also known as the base row. I am going to stitch another cable row on top of this one. But first lets look at some things.

Picture Smocking is like an On-Line Dating service. Everybody has a match! :-)

  • When I stitch my second row, each cable is going to match up with a cable from the previous row.

  • If you need more visual help. Dig out your child's Legos and practice stacking.

One more thing .........Lets talk about spacing of the second row.

  • My Base Cable Row is about 1/8" wide. The imaginary center line that I was following for my cable row is in the middle of this about 1/16". When I start my second row, I need to take in account the width of my cable row.

  • If I start my second row with my needle against the previous row then my cables are going to be smashed together and lumpy.

  • Instead I am going to bring my needle out about 1/16" over. I do not actually measure the distance, I just sort of eye ball it.

  • When I bring my needle out to take my first stitch I am also double checking that my depth of the needle is the same as the previous row.

  • Here I am taking my first stitch on the second row. My needle is straight up and down. My floss is separated and resembles a ribbon.

  • Two stitches done.

  • Eight stitches done. I sometimes use the side of my needle to gently tap the cable row into place. This is not a substitute for a bad cable.

  • My last stitch is the same as I had talked about before. The needle is going into the fabric straight. Then the needle eye is pushed to the side, twisting the pleat.

And I am finished. Well actually I really don't like the 3rd cable on the top row (left side). Most likely I would pull out my stitches and redo it.

To be continued........Next up Half Stitches.

Note: If I have not answered a question you may have on Picture Smocking, please let me know and I will try to address it. ~Janet

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