Monday, December 28, 2009

Sew Beautiful 128

Just a quick post because I am waiting for our county animal control to show up. Someone dumped two puppies on our farm this morning. They are about 3 months old. One is a german shepard and the other is a white lab mix.

I have them pinned up in the chicken house right now. Chickens are outside.

Everyone has their nose out of joint. Old dogs, horse, chickens and daughter. The 3 cats could care less.

Back to the subject of this post....... The New Sew Beautiful #128 should be arriving in your mailbox and in the store very soon.

This issue is the Ribbon Issue. The whole issue is gorgeous!

Helen Lively has a flower girl dress with woven ribbons. Cindy of "Cindy & Company" has a jacket in a multitude of sizes in this issue. Pattern in included in the center fold. And Sarah Norris has a most beautiful bonnet that is just exquisite.

I know I am leaving someone out.

This is issue that I will keep close at hand as a reference manual and inspiration.

In this issue I have a smocked dress with 3 ribbons.

When you think of my dress think of all the possibilities. The ribbons can be done in any size and in any color. Think about ribbons in 3 Easter colors or the colors of a wedding. The ribbons could be three shades of pink or green or even college color or shade of Autumn.

Because the dress is a Pascale, you can make it sleeveless, with cap sleeves, long sleeves or with a bolero jacket. The skys the limit.

Just an FYI- Please note the name change on the blog. The URL is the same. ~janet


  1. I just got my SB yesterday!!! Your dress is unbelievably beautiful!!! I may try to make one like it for one of my littles for Easter. I'm not sure I am at that level though. If I have questions would it be okay to email you? You directions are very clear though.
    I was surprised to see the ribbon flower girl dress. I have seen that exact dress in JCPenney's. I know of a bride who used that dress in off white for her wedding this past year. I saw it and used the idea for my grand dauhter's Easter dress bodice. Did the same designer design it for Penney's???

    Happy 2010!!

  2. Hi Julie, I am glad you like my dress. Feel free to email. My email address is on my profile page.

    The idea for the ribbon flower girl dress in the SB issue came about over two years ago. The only reason I know this was because I had to turn down the assignment because I was working on a Christening gown at the time.

    Helen Lively took the assignment.

    I had a dress back in the 70s that had the same woven ribbons technique in the bodice.

    Most of the outfits are done for SB a year or two in advance.

    I am working on stuff for 2011 and beyond right now. ~janet

  3. I can't wait to see this issue- it sounds wonderful!