Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Girl Scout Sleep Over

Well, I survived the Girl Scout Sleep Over which is an oxymoron. No one gets any sleep.

Here is the group picture. We had 130 girl Scouts attending. I asked my troop to wear red shirts so I could see them at a glance. So everyone in red in this group photo belong to my troop.

Here are some pictures of the place where we had the all nighter. I always call it the Bouncy place because of all the trampolines and blow up slides. There are also several foam and ball pits to jump into and numerous things to climb on and through.

The ladies who organized this event did a wonderful job! Besides all the equipment to play on, they also played Musical hoops (musical chairs with Hula Hoops on the ground) and other games and activities.

The big hit of the night was Flashlight tag. The GS grouped into pairs. Then they turned off the lights. The pairs hide somewhere in the play equipment. Then the ones who were "It" had to go find someone.

I am not sure how this teen age boy got roped into working the evening. He is a gymnastics instructor. The girls thought he was cute.

Unfortunately all the GS leaders just got to sit around and watch.

I worked on Wee Care gowns until I couldn't see straight. I haven't gone back to look at my stitches I did that night. I am kind of afraid to look. :-)


  1. I've always said, they call it a sleep over because no one sleeps till its over. It looks like everyone had fun and your Wee Care gowns look lovely.

  2. What wonderful memories for you! And good for you to do this for those girls. I have wonderful Brownie and Girl Scout memories and it wouldn't have happened but for all the Mom/Leaders. My hat is off to you!