Saturday, March 20, 2010

With a Chick Chick Here.......

Today is a farm day, which means we need to clean up and get things ready for the summer.

So before every wants to know why I am still in the house I wanted to show you the newest addition to the farm.......Baby chicks.

These little creatures are in my mud room in the house right now. So it is a little noisy but they are fun to watch. The "Pecking Order" begins immediately.

We have had chickens on the farm for a while. About every other spring we bring in some new chicks because the older chickens are slowing down on their egg production.

I have yet to put one of my older chickens in a pot of chicken dumplings. I am a total wimp on seeing the food chain in action.......but there was one rooster a few years back that I so dearly wanted to stick a fork into!

Our chicks are a mixture of Ameraucana (they lay blue and Green eggs) Cochine (they have fuzzy feet) Rhode Island Red and one Golden Comet.

When we went to the farm store to get the chicks, the Golden Comet chick was all by herself in the tub. So of course she got added to the purchase. My Daughter knows that it is not wise to name chickens but she named the Golden Comet "Hailey".

The chicks are suppose to be Pullets which means that they are Hens (girls) but there is a chance that a few may be Roosters (dudes).
The other choice is buying straight run chicks which means they have no idea what they are.


  1. The chicks are so cute!! Hope you get lots of good eating eggs from them. We have friends who have chickens so we get our eggs from them. They are so much better than the ones at the store. I tried to comment on your sleepover post, but blogger wouldn't ever publish it. It brought back so many memories of my scouting days, both as a scout and a leader. One of my daughters has been a leader, too.

  2. farm fresh eggs, I'm jealous!!!!

  3. This just made me laugh! I have a friend who got some last year. She very laughingly refers to their very large coop (which her hubby built) as the Coop Mahal:)