Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sew Beautiful #126

The new Sew Beautiful Magazine is out. I love every issue but I think by far this is one of the best. It is packed with everything!

I love the vintage back to school dress. I think I wore a dress like that to school in the 19 ....mumble mumble. Lets just say a while a go. :-)

My dear friend Helen Lively has her smocked sculptures of "Bruce" the rooster and "Maja" the Peacock in the magazine. The pictures are like pictures of the Grand Canyon. The picture look great but it is hard to translate how overwhelmingly majestic they are. She also has a wonderful top for women in this issue.

Also Sew Blessed has her daughters in the magazine. Here is the link to her blog.

If I was 17 again I would make the Corset cover top by Kathy B.... sigh!

Can You tell I love this issue?!

Here is the link to the sneak peek.

I have two smocking plates for boys in this issue. The first one is "Airplanes & Rockets"

And the second one is "Robots".

When you get a chance, please let me know how you like the way we have charted these smocking plates in the magazine. Do you like having the stitch count included? Do you need step by step written instructions?


  1. Janet, you are so right. This issue is so gorgeous! I LOVE the cover and everything inside. And your feature is darling! Two smockplates! What bounty!

  2. The robots, airplanes, and rockets are perfect for little grandsons!

  3. Janet.....I am enjoying the issue too and not just because my little girls are in it. It has a lot to offer. I think the smocking charts are great. I usually have to count the stitches and this way the numbers are already there. I like it. I think I am going to make my two little boys something with these plates for this fall/winter. My almost four year old will love it!!! Thanks for more great designs. And thanks also for the kind comment on my blog...I appreciate it!!!

  4. I love both plates, the robots particularly! The Japanese prints available these days are so cute and it's great to see this one being put to such good use. I'm going to buy the robot fabric ASAP. I like the counting chart too, it does seem to make things a bit easier.

    I also thought the bowling shirt was really cute for an older boy. Was that your idea too? I'm going to keep that in mind for when my son is past the smocked romper stage.

  5. My ten year old just saw the robot plate on my monitor from across the room and came running over to investigate it. He declared he likes it and wants me to smock it for him, although he says he'd only wear it to church- not to school!