Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 8 degree!

Happy New Year!

Good Morning. It is 8 degree F. here on the farm. That is -13 degree C.

Since everyone is back to school and work, I am here on the farm making sure all the animals are fed and have water that is not frozen.

Of course the plug-in, never freeze water bowl for the dogs, froze last night! We double checked and the plug is working. I guess the water bowl doesn't freeze only if the temperature is above freezing.

I am also working on cleaning up the house. Sometime during Christmas day my kitchen shears went missing. I am hoping they didn't get thrown out with the Christmas trash.

In between all of these plans I know I will need to sit next to the wood stove and get warm. While I am sitting down and resting, I am sure I will notice that my basket with my smocking projects in it is right next to me. :-)

I will try to get back to the picture smocking tutorial next week.


  1. I just found about about a charity auction that I want to make a smocked dress for. I guess I'd better get busy.

  2. Julia, I made a dress for a silent auction at our church a few years back. The highest bidder won the dress and the bonnet and got to name the smocking plate.

    The silent auction wasn't very silent! :-)

    Everyone wanted to name the design after a loved one.

    The bishop dress "Jane Ellen" was in SB #122.