Friday, January 29, 2010

Waiting on the Snow

I have been watching the weather Channel for the past couple of days. The weather forecast for the past couple of days said we were suppose to get 3-7 inches of snow this morning.

I did my usual "girl raised in the south" routine for snow.

  • I stocked up the freezer and can goods.
  • Made sure the generator was working ------I do this by hollering "Honey make sure the generator is working" :-)
  • Filled up the cars with gas and the extra gas cans.
  • Planned what kind of soup or stew I was going to make. Last time it was Chicken and Dumplings, this time it is Taco Soup.
  • Made sure there was plenty of necessities- Cheetos, TP and Netflicks.
  • Made sure I knew where the sleds and the snow shovels were.
  • Bought extras feed for all the pets and live sock.
  • Badgered the adult sons to make sure they were prepared.
  • Doubled checked I had vanilla and sugar for Snow Ice cream.
  • Refilled prescriptions
  • Washed clothes so I knew we had plenty of heavy socks and long johns.
  • Put Ice Melt on the bridges on the farm.
  • Made cinnamon rolls. Well actually, I bought a package of Rhodes frozen cinnamon rolls and they let them rise all night to bake in the morning.
  • Charged up the batteries on everything from Cell phones to DVD players and flashlights.
  • And had something ready to smock.

My Husband laughs at my routine because I do this anytime they mention snow even if it is just flurries.

My Father is from Brooklyn, NY. He said he kept heading south carrying a snow shovel and stopped when some one asked him what that was in his hand.

I have lived in New Jersey and South Dakota and Utah while in the military but I like snow only if I just have to look (while sitting in front of a fire with a cup of hot tea in my hands)

Well back to the the title of this post----- Waiting on the Snow

I had a hard time getting my night owl daughter to bed because up to the 10 o'clock news we were suppose to have 7 inches of snow this morning.

And what did I wake up to this morning?------Nothing!

It seems a dry cold front is mixing with this snow belt that is crossing the mid west. The result- No snow for now. Boy, were the TV weather people back peddling as fast as they could this morning!

I went ahead and baked the Cinnamon rolls this morning. Then, my husband and I flipped a coin as to who was going to wake up our daughter and tell her she had school this morning! :-)

They are still forecasting snow for later on this evening, But as my daughter says "Snow on a weekend is not as much fun as a Snow Day".


  1. I have prepared for the ice we're supposed to get by filling lots of containers with water in case our power goes off and our well pump won't work. We have our fireplace ready to go. My husband is planning to make turkey chili, and he's going to the grocery store. I have a load of laundry in even though I didn't really have enough for a load. Now, I need to get started with my sewing before the power goes off and I can't.

  2. I had to laugh reading this because waiting on the snow is an ongoing joke with us but if you've heard the term "benny" about NJ residents who visit the beach. I guess there are NJ "benny" residents "waiting on the snow". Look what happened yesterday in north central/northern NJ - no one knew that was coming and no one was prepared. What an awful morning for rush hour drivers! We never buy anything to "stock up". NJ's last major snowstorm (bigger than what hit south central NJ and the beach counties was probably over 10 years ago) and now EVERYONE is expected to be at work, snow or no snow... all because of the brine they put on the major highways or they telecommute! Next time, just make cookies, it's a lot less stress!

  3. Kellikelli1, 非常感谢你。~janet