Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wrong Diagnoses

Right after Halloween I had told you about my mother being diagnosed with Leukemia.

Dr Zufaqqar M. Jaffer, who is a Hematologist and Oncologist in the San Antonio, Texas area, diagnosed her as having cancer. He also ordered a bone marrow test and an MRI as well as some other expensive test.

All test were paid 100% by her HMO.

On one hand he was saying the type of Leukemia was a slow growing, non curable cancer and on the other hand he wanted to start chemo immediately. ( 3 weeks before Christmas) . He scheduled my mother to have a port put in the next week.

What got everyone asking question (more then just having cancer) was he prescribed Rituxan along with her chemo. Estimate cost per course of treatment for this drug - $10,000. Also paid 100% by the HMO.

I got online and did searches on this drug. All the warnings by the manufacture saying you should not take this drug if you have certain medical conditions. Well, my mother had some of those medical conditions.

Long story short , my mother got a second opinion. The second oncologist reading the medical reports and lab test from Dr Jaffer (1st DR) told her that the diagnoses of Leukemia was wrong.

She does not have Cancer of any type!

I just praise the Lord that we asked question, researched drugs and had enough friends and relatives in the medical profession that kept saying something doesn't seem right with his course of treatment.

So my mother is back to taking care of her roses and painting and finding treasures for me in thrift stores (a story for later).


  1. WOOHOOOOOO!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!! And smart research on your part Janet!!! I am so happy for your mama and your family.

  2. Wow, Janet! That's wonderful news!! Definately smart on your part to research and get a second opinion. I can't imagine the relief you must all be feeling.
    (Grammylou on ES)

  3. I'm praising the Lord right along with you...what wonderful news for your family! And a lesson for all of us - don't accept everything a doctor tells you. More often than we realize, they don't have all the answers and they give faulty diagnoses. Ask questions, get that second opinion, do your homework!!

  4. What a wonderful thing the internet is. And thank goodness you got a second opinion.

    So glad to hear your mom is doing better.

  5. What a wonderful outcome! I am so glad that you asked for a second opinion! How many of us would do that? I probably wouldn't. I'm sorry you had to go through this ordeal, but so realived that your mom is back in her garden.

  6. Oh Janet....this is good news but in a way it's not so good when you think of the expenses paid out for a huge and costly missed diagnosis. No wonder health care costs are out of control. Cheers...hand you and your Mom for being pro-active in your health care!!!!