Monday, July 6, 2009

How I Got Started

Julia had asked how I got started with Sew Beautiful Magazine so I figured I would share the story with everyone.

The timeline of events doesn't necessary mirror the timeline of the photo in the issues.

My first contact with SB was with the "What's in your Closet-Back to School" pictorial back in 2002. I saw the announcement with a short deadline and sent it this photo.

This is a shortened C/C Bessie with pull on pants. My daughter is 2.

About 5 weeks later I get a letter saying the outfit was selected for Issue #89. The letter says I can send them the garment or if convenient my daughter could model it.

You guessed it!

We drive to Huntsville, AL for the photo shoot!

The photo shoot didn't go very well. Huntsville was getting hit by a hurricane, so the weather was bad. My daughter who was now 2 1/2 was scared to death and wouldn't let go of my neck.

We tried about everything and nothing seemed to work. I finally had an idea and sent my husband back out to the car for the camera he had just put away.

I gave my daughter the camera which she loves and told her to take my picture.

So while I was moving around the photo studio my daughter took my picture while Jennifer of "Jennifer and Company " took pictures.

So if you look at SB # 89 that is the reason why she is holding a camera. Now when Kathy B talks about having trouble photographing a 2 year old I offer her my camera.

Several years later SB is doing another "What's in your closet". This time it is for Easter. I sent in this photo ( my daughter is 4). It was also selected. The dress is from AS&E.

This photo shoot went much better. SB# 100.

About the same time I had read about SB doing pictorials of Smocking guilds. So we decided to give it a try. We sent in several photo of our work and were selected for the summer issue SB #101.

Several months before I sent in some snap shots of an original smocking design I had done.

This was in SB #109.

While I was coordinating all the photo shoots and articles with Kathy B from SB she asked be if I would take a consignment job of picture smocking a design they had.

And the rest is history.


  1. Thank you so much for this post. I am inspired. I am going to send photos today. Your daughter is so beautiful!! Your work is awesome!

  2. Janet, this is such a cool story! I am going to try it too! How fun!

  3. I recognised the little blue outfit immediately- I LOVE that one! And the cupcakes! My daughter has been asking for a cupcake dress- I better get busy before she decides she's too big!

  4. I am enjoying your blog and especially this post. I love the outfits your daughter is wearing in the photos. Keep posting your pictures of your smocked artistry. It inspires me.
    Julie of