Sunday, July 19, 2009

Smocking Shoppe and Louisville

I just spent the weekend with my family in Louisville, Kentucky.

Of course any trip we plan I have to check out any Heirloom or Smocking shops. While I was in Louisville I spent some time at The Smocking Shoppe.

After getting rid of some money there we went to the Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum. I highly recommend going there! Looking around I do not know who was more excited all the men that were there or the children! :-)

Here is a picture of the giant bat from the parking garage

Here is the ceiling of the Slugger Museum

Here is a picture of Babe Ruth's baseball bat. It was interesting seeing all the notches he added to the bat for each home runs he made. I made the picture clickable so you can get a close up.

I could not take pictures inside the factory where they were making the bats. I am the most uncoordinated, untalented sports person in the world and I found the tour fascinating!

We each received a miniature bat at the end of the tour.

After picking up a personalized Louisville Slugger baseball bat for my daughter, we headed over to the local Minor League Baseball Field. The Louisville Bats. They are a Triple A team .

The Bats were playing the Durham Bulls. I can't help thinking of my two favorite baseball movies... Bull Durham and The Rookie. But I also like A League of their Own and Field of Dreams ( been there also, but that is another story)

Okay, I am a uncoordinated, untalented sports person who loves baseball movies.......... and golf movies. I love Bagger Vance.

This lady was interesting. She was selling very large homemade cookies.

The game went into the 16th inning and it was about 45 degrees. Thank goodness we brought jackets. The Bulls won.

This Matthew McConaugh look-a-like is my hero of the day. This is #21 Jason Childers.

We are sitting about 3 rows up from 1st base and a foul ball came rolling up the 1st base line. He picked up the ball and threw it to my daughter who had been sitting on the edge of her seat the whole game with her baseball glove on. She caught it without the help of her dad.

You notice the baseball is now immortalized in its own case. She doesn't want the red dirt to rub off. :-)

She had the biggest grin on her face the rest of the evening. Well actually the grin is still there!

The whole weekend was great but when ever I watch a baseball game I am very thankful I am not in charge of the laundry or the mending! :-)

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