Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wedding Hankie Bonnet

I want to show you a Wedding Hankie I made about 4 years ago. It was given to someone who married a member of my family.

The marriage did not work out. I won't go into all that on a public forum it would take to long.

Well, this Wedding Hankie still in the box, still in tissue paper, unused was returned to me. I know it was opened because I was at the Bridal shower.

It was meant as an insult. But I took it as "Great! Now I have a Wedding Hanky to make into a bonnet for a shop sample!" :-)

The fabric is Lawn. The finished measurement is 9" squared with a 3/4 " lace. The shadow embroidery is from Martha Pullen's Grandmother's Hope Chest.

So you want to see how I made Lemonade out of the lemons I was given?

I soaked the WH in a Biz bucket and Dreft to wash away the bad vibes and make it pretty again. After it was dry and pressed I laid it over my newborn bonnet stand.

After I made sure the bonnet was even on both sides, I placed a straight pin at the top just so it wouldn't slide off.

In the back I turned up the back about 3 inches. Again, I placed a straight pin to hold it in place and to mark the center back of the bonnet.

The fold line is now the bottom edge of the bonnet.

Now taking the left hand corner, I brought it over just past the center line, The fabric at the top folds in on itself. The bottom edge of the lace is even with the fabric folded bottom edge.

Place a straight pin to hold in place.

Now I took the right hand corner and did the same thing to the right side. After making sure the bottom edges were all lined up, I removed the straight pin on the left hand side and repositioned it. Now the straight pin is going through all the layers holding every thing in place.

With a needle and thread, I tacked the center meeting point of the back bonnet and the lower left and right hand corners. The stitches are meant to be able to be removed so the bonnet can revert back to a Wedding Hanky if needed.

Another option would be to place a small heirloom button at the center back.

I added silk satin ribbons to the sides and I am finished!
Here is another view.


  1. Oh Janet, I just had a crazy thought! I was given a hankie bonnet when India was a baby. Now she is almost 18 and has a promise ring from her boyfriend! It is very possible that in just a few years, she will be using that baby bonnet as a wedding hankie. Oh My!

  2. My daughter has a hankie bonnet from my mother-in-law. It's now safely tucked away for her wedding!

    Glad to hear, too, that Biz washes away bad mojo.

  3. Very pretty, and Biz can work wonders can't it? It even removes bad vibes. They should advertise that! :) It is beautiful. I am glad she returned it instead of trashing it.

  4. That is so so pretty! I love that she returned the hankie after all of the hard work you put into making it. Now it can be used for such a great purpose!