Monday, July 13, 2009

Stop Lights Smocking Plate

Here is another Free smocking Plate. This one is "Stop Lights".

I did this design about 3 years ago. The funny thing is, where I live, we do not have any Stop Lights! We have one flashing red light at a 4 way stop but that is it. We do not have any stop lights in the entire county.

The next county over doesn't have any stop light either.

So when they teach drivers education in the High School here they have to drive about 45 minutes to find a stop light.

The usual rules apply to this free smocking plate. ............... It is for personal use. Do not mass produce. Do Not change anything on the design then call it your own.

This outfit is Children's Corner Jeffery. I added 2 inches to the side for diaper room. Then I added elastic to take up the ease.

The fabric is blue micro check.

This design should be clickable to enlarge. Let me know if it is not.

Enjoy! ~Janet

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