Friday, October 2, 2009

3rd day Smocking Convention

Well Today is the 3rd day of the SAGA convention. We are in Indianapolis, IN.

I made it through the Design Show. I was awarded a Judge's Choice for my little boy's romper "Duck, Duck, Goose".

Today I have been in Tess Ellenwood's class "Little Bittty Bunnies". It was a very sweet design for an doll dress or for baby clothes.

This afternoon is one of the highlights of the entire convention.......Market! There are 20 vender's setting up in the ballroom right now. The doors will open in about 30 minutes so everyone is pacing the hallway. :-)

I always start out the same saying I only need to buy one or two things. I end up with shopping bags full of goodies.

Well, I better end now and go join the mob that is forming in front of the doors. It is sort of like the day after Thanksgiving shopping but it is all Heirloom and Smocking supplies! :-)~janet

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  1. Saga Market was one of my high points last year in Atlanta. I am soooo jealous that I am not there this year. But next year for sure! I hope you are having a wonderful time and had a great time at market! Enjoy!