Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloween 2001

I am working on a Halloween costume this week.

One think my kids figured out quickly was if they can dream it, I can make it! I have done Dragons and Power Rangers and almost every character in Star Wars.

I have even done some Quidditch robes for my nephew.

I'll have to dig out some old photos to share later.

This was my daughter's first Halloween costume. She was 18 months. She was so thrilled to have a tail! :-)


  1. That is so cute! My daughter was a cat last year (she was about the same age) and she loved chasing her tail around too :)

  2. SO CUTE!!!! I love making costumes. Somehow it feels like cheating if I buy a costume, you know?
    This year BOTH girls are going to be Alice in Wonderland.