Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sew Beautiful #127

I just received my copy of the newest Sew Beautiful. Issue # 127.

As usual it is a wonderful issue just packed with eye candy. The cover is a embroidered needle case from Wendy Schoen.

I just took a 2 day class with Wendy at the SAGA convention. She told me she was thrilled that she made the cover. She deserves it!

There is also a pictorial by Maja Clayton of Maja's Heirlooms. And my friend Helen Lively has three dresses in this issue. Each one is just gorgeous!

In this issue I have a light weight denim jumper with a shaped smocked window. Inside the shaped window is my picture smocked "Cowboy Santa". The smocking plate can be found on page 63 of this issue.

The Jumper is a Martha Pullen A-line in a size 5.

Here are some construction photos I took while working on the outfit.

The jumper has a double ruffle. The lining was lengthened by 1 1/2 inches. One ruffle was sew to the jumper and another ruffle to the lining.

A dress with a hole in the middle of it.

Post script: I realized after posting this picture of the Cowboy Santa that this was the first version of what was in Santa's bag. I originally had a puppy looking out of the bag. I decided later that there were too many eyes looking at me. I replaced the puppy with wrapped gifts. Sorry for the confusion. ~j

I was so excited when Kathy B. told me they photographed the little model sitting on Santa's lap. Thanks Kathy! :-)

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  1. HI!! I have been trying to purchase a copy of this issue with no luck. I was hoping you might be willing to part with the pull out pattern for the Christening gown and instructions. I would be happy to pay you for it.