Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween 2006

After my daughter's first Halloween, we avoided Trick or Treating for several years. She was terrified of masks! We were dealing with enough stuff with night terrors, we did not want to push it.

It also did not help that stores seem to go more for the ghoulish decorations or that her school would put on a fall festival each year hosted by the 8th graders. It would never fail that someone in the 8th grade class would bring the Black Lipstick! :-(

Snow White with black lipstick is not appealing to a 4 year old. And they wonder why they didn't make much money.

The icing on the cake was when we had gone to a place that we love to eat at in the fall. It was the weekend before Halloween. All of the wait staff was dressed up in costumes. There was Raggedy Ann, and a princess or two and even someone dressed as a cat.

Who did we get as a waiter?................ The Dead Guy!

The waiter had his face all white with black eyes and again Black Lipstick. Needless to say my daughter spent the entire meal under the table. It would not have help to move to another table because she had already seen him!

The owner of the restaurant apologised and took her meal off the bill and we drove through McDonald's for her on the way home.

That was several years ago. We went to that restaurant again this week end. She had to check the calender first before she would get into the car.

Well back to the story...... This is a picture of her as a cat again 5 years later. I made the costume out of Polar Fleece. I was worried about her getting too warm but a Cold Front came through and the temperatures dropped into the 30's that night.

I had some extra fabric and made her a scarf. I turned up the ends to make pockets. She loved it!


  1. Cute! I hear you on the scary costume thing. Ahnalin does not handle them well at all either. In fact, she usually refuses to go into stores where she has seen scary stuff in the past. She has never "tric or treated" because we always go to our church's Fall Family Festival, and no scary costumes are allowed. This year, both girls are going to be Alice in Wonderland. Why am I still making costumes for the 18 year old anyway??

  2. Sooooo cute! We took my 3 year old grand daughter to Party City last week. The decorations were scary, especially the ones that moaned and groaned as we walked past. She didn't like them at all. She's going to be a bird this year. No scary costumes for my grands so far.