Sunday, June 28, 2009

DMC Floss

Well the Angel dress is finished and has been delivered to the soon to be grandmother. I am praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby girl tomorrow. I hope to have baby pictures in a few days.

Right now I am trying to reorganized my DMC floss which made me think of a story to tell.:-)

Two Christmases ago, my husband couldn't come up with anything I really wanted or needed. He asked for suggestion. I couldn't really think of anything either but then thought why don't you just buy me some embroidery thread.

And he did!

He soon learned on his lunch hour that DMC carries 454 different skeins of floss and 18 variegated. He bought every single color!

Under the Christmas tree I had 5 bags full of floss.

But in the spirit of "If you give a Mouse a Cookie"

If you by a Smocker 472 skeins of floss................

She will need to organize them by wrapping them on little cards.

If she wraps them on little cards she will need to buy those little stick on numbers. (bottom left hand of photo)

If she buys those little stick on numbers, she will find they do not stay stuck to anything but the cat!

If the numbers do not stick then she will need to buy a new thread color chart so she can identify 454 mystery colors.

If she finally gets them all identified she will need to put them in clear organizer boxes.

If she puts them in clear organizer boxes she will discover that they do not fit in the 5 clear organizer boxes that are already filled with DMC Floss.

If they do not fit in the organizer boxes she will just need to buy more.

If she buys more then she will discover they don't fit in her wooden cabinet that holds her organizer.

But she has 472 different colors of DMC floss and she is totally happy and will worry about a new cabinet later.

Here is a link to DMC-USA. On the web site they have a lot of color and number charts as well as comparison charts.


  1. I am laughing my head off. I love the way you told this story! What a sweet guy to buy every color for you! I can imagine your surprised feeling on Christmas morning. Perhaps you need a cabinet for your floss for next Christmas!

  2. Janet, you need to send this story to SB because more people need to read and enjoy it. It was darling!!