Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sew Beautiful Magazine #125

The New Sew Beautiful Magazine is out now. I do not have anything in this issue so I will offer my review.

I am part of several chat groups and when a new issue comes out I am amazed at the contradicting complaints.

Since it is always the same contradicting argument. To save time, I have set up this Tongue and Check numbering system of the comments I have heard on this issue.

  1. Too much Heirloom.
  2. Not enough Heirloom.
  3. Too much smocking.
  4. Not enough smocking.
  5. I love Machine Smocking.
  6. Machine Smocking is just wrong It's like kissing your brother.
  7. It is not Creative Needle.
  8. Its not AS&E.
  9. Too much Machine embroidery.
  10. Not enough Machine embroidery.
  11. I like the Old Sew Beautiful.
  12. I love the new direction SB is going.
  13. Not enough stuff by Janet G (this one is for my mom).
  14. I love all the girl clothes.
  15. Isn't there anything for boys?
  16. Too much Heirloom Sewing.
  17. Not enough Heirloom sewing.
  18. I just don't like Sew Beautiful and I don't care what they do.
  19. I love Sew beautiful and I love everything they publish.
  20. Not enough in-style clothes.
  21. Too trendy.
  22. Great issue.
  23. Horrible issue.
My Comments on SB #125 are #12, #6, #19, #22.

Well that said. It really is a Great issue! I am sure this issue will sell out quickly! It is packed with eye candy and tons of techniques and little details.

It is hard to pick a favorite article but I can't wait to try the folded fabric flowers "Kanzashi In Bloom" or try the Spaghetti Bias loops.

I have a friend's granddaughter who is pictured on page 16 top left. Jerry, She sure is cute !

I always love anything the Helen Lively does. Just wait till you see her smocked Peacock "Raja" in the next issue! ~janet

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  1. I love Sew Beautiful and can;t wait for my next issue to come in the mail as soon as I've finished absorbing everything in the current one. I love heirloom fashions. I also like that everything isn't heirloom. I like that there are a few more things recently for adults and older girls. There's not much for boys, but I'm not wild about "cutesy" boys' stuff anyway. My GS isn't allowed to wear froo froo stuff according to my DD and SIL. I make lots of dresses using antique tea towels, etc.... so was happy and sad at the same time to see this in the mag. Happy because it validates what I do. Sad because it wasn't my stuff.