Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Scissor Fobs

This Fall, I will be going once again to the Smocking Convention http://smocking.org/

There is so much I learn each year at the convention. One major thing I learned is you have to mark your scissors!

Each class has about 20 ladies in a class and the odds are very favorable that someone has the exact same scissors as you have. You could use a colorful ribbon but there is a more creative idea..... A Scissor Fob!

Scissor Fobs serve more then one purpose. Besides being a creative outlet and marking your scissor they also help prevent your scissors from being dropped on their point.

Here are a few of my Scissor Fobs I have already created..........

Here is a close up.

I never make two Scissor Fobs exactly a like. I usually start with beads I like and just mix and match till I like the results.

I like the scissor fobs to be no longer then 3 inches otherwise it gets in the way.

When I am looking for parts for my Scissor fobs the main thing I am looking for is that there are no pointy edges to get caught on delicate fabric or caught up in my embroidery or sewing threads.

I get my beads at several different places like Hobby Lobby, Michael's and Oriental Trader. http://www.orientaltrading.com/craft-supplies-and-hobbies/beading-a1-377461-2-0.fltr

Here are the basic supplies I use. (left to right)

  1. Crimp tubes
  2. Lampwork beads
  3. End caps
  4. Glass beads
  5. O rings

Some more supplies

  1. Lobster clasp

  2. Crystal beads of different sizes

  3. Spacer beads

I use Fishing line to string the beads. This is 30lb test fishing line. It was what was in my husband's fishing gear. :-)

I cut a piece of fishing line that is about 24" long. This length gives you room to work.

  1. Load a spacer bead on the fishing line followed by a crimp bead.

  2. Thread the end of the fishing line back up into the crimp bead.

  3. With a pair of needle nose pliers or crimping pliers smash the crimp bead. This locks the bottom bead in place. You could also use an O ring at the bottom if you wanted to add a charm.

  4. Cut the fishing line tail to about 1/2". The tail will be threaded back up through the next beads.

  5. Load the beads up as you desire.

  6. Finish the bead line with a crimp bead then the lobster claw clasp. If you don't want to use a Lobster claw clasp you could also just make a 1 1/2 loop.

  7. Thread the fishing line back through the crimp bead.

  8. Pull the fishing line till the all the beads in the bead line are touching. If you pull too tight the bead line will curl.

  9. When the beads are pulled up, crimp(smash) the crimping bead.

  10. Thread the excess the fishing line through the next 2 beads and trim.

Enjoy! ~janet


  1. How very cool and "crafty" too. Those would make great little gifts if I wasn't too lazy to shop for the supplies and follow your directions...LOL

  2. Ps. I love your new blog--I forgot to tell you first time around. Gettin' old and forgettin' too much. :-)

  3. Cute idea - so excited to see you have a blog! :) --Shannon from Sew Beautiful