Friday, June 19, 2009

Frog Stitches

As I have said before I am always working on several projects at one time.

I am still smocking the Angels for my friends new granddaughter. I have about 3 left and the baby is due at the end of the month.

I am also working on projects for Sew Beautiful which you will see next Summer

Sorry for the wait. But it is worth it!

But what I have been doing a lot of is Frog stitches.........."rip it"......."rip it" .
I just want to share with you my technique of Frog Stitches.

With my needle work scissors or my seam ripper I cut every third stitch.

Here is a graph it might be better to illustrate what I am trying to say.

After every third stitch has been cut. Your seam should separate easily............ but will leave behind little wisp of thread.

In comes the Mom who stores school supplies in her sewing room."I just want to keep them safe.....Honest :-)

This is just a regular pink eraser.
The ladies who are reading this from Canada, Australia and South Africa (greetings) what do you call this?

If you just lightly pull the eraser across your seam and threads it will remove all these little threads.
I then use a tape roller ( this is the thing that is suppose to remove cat hair) to pick up the little threads before they end up on my husbands suit. :-)
Have a great weekend~janet


  1. those are some great tips that I did not know!!! thanks Janet!!

  2. you've just saved me so much time with this tip! thanks!
    :) Missy