Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old Photos

I love old old photographs. This is a photo of my Great Grandmother's Sunday school class. The photo is around the early 1900's. It was taken in Ft Worth, Texas.

But my grandmother is not in the photo because she was pregnant.

I have spent hours with a magnifying glass looking at this photo.

I am assuming the man in the photo was the preacher. And the lady next to him, who is leaning away from him is not his wife (or maybe she is?).

Half the women are looking one way and the others are looking another. The only thing I can think of was they are looking at their children misbehaving!

But I still have questions.
Why is one lady looking at her shoes or is she asleep?
Why is the little boy in the photo and boy does the women behind him look mad.
Is the women in black in mourning?
One lady in the end with the black purse sure looks mean!
Why does the lady in front have her umprella with her? Was it going to rain?


  1. My guess is that the woman looking down is actually looking at her child hidden back there, because there is a space between her and the next lady. So, I think her little one and the other little boy must have gotten into a skirmish and therefore were had to stick close to their mamas. And this is why the mama with the little boy looks mad! Whatcha think?

  2. I have looked at this photos for years and never really looked at the space by the lady that it asleep.

    Your right there might be a child beside her. Or her friend could have slipped and she is watching her struggle to get up.:-) ~janet